• If your child is serious about maximizing his or her scores, spending time with Chyten is an absolute must!
  • Sam got into DREXEL's Honors Program – Five Year Master's –
    with an $85,000 academic scholarship attached! We couldn't have done this without CHYTEN.
  • Mike got an 800 on the math! Stanford is still a stretch, but MIT seems assured!
  • Our daughter got a 720 in reading, 700 in Writing and 610 in Math. Her overall score of 2030.
    Which brings her up 450 points from where she started when she came to Chyten.
  • My son Eric got a B in Algebra after staring at an F before CHYTEN.
  • I am happy to report that Rick earned a 94 in Algebra for the first marking period –
    from the low-80s before CHYTEN. He currently has a 100 average for the second marking period.


Dear Parent,

As owner and director of Chyten Premier Tutoring and Test Preparation in New Canaan, I wanted to extend my best wishes to you and your family and to let you know that we’re here to support you. Being a Fairfield County parent and resident for 25 years, I understand firsthand the importance that Fairfield County parents place on education.

After receiving my Master’s degree from Harvard University and embarking on a wonderful 25 year career as a business consultant, I decided to open a Chyten center to serve the communities of New Canaan, Darien, Stamford, Wilton and Bedford because I was committed to helping students achieve their academic goals, whether in elementary, middle, or high school. I’ve personally seen the value of tutoring and the impact it can have on a student’s school experience, all of which strongly resonated with me.  Graduates of our programs have been accepted at virtually every top college in the country and have gone on to enjoy rewarding careers and fulfilling lives.  That is because the lessons learned at Chyten last a lifetime.  

We hire only experienced, master’s degree tutors at Chyten; we have real customized tutor-student matching; we have created SAT, ACT, ISEE and SSAT strategies that are nationally recognized for their effectiveness and creativity; we provide parents with detailed notes after each session and we have one of the strongest records of score improvement in the industry. 

Chyten is your single resource for all your educational needs, from tutoring to test preparation to college counseling and academic advising. Please know that I will do everything in my power to help your child achieve and surpass his/her educational expectations. My tutors, counselors and I are ready to support you with a customized, personalized approach to meeting your child’s needs. My door is always open to parents and students so please stop by the center or call me at 203-972-3600 to discuss your child’s unique educational situation and together, let’s plan for her educational success.



Barbara Levine

Owner and Director