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    [+] Teach a student to memorize and he'll ace a test. Teach a student to learn and he'll change the world. Inspirational lessons from Chyten tutors give students
    the skills and motivation to become the next anything.
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    [+] Within your child is an undiscovered country, an unfinished symphony, a sleeping giant. Chyten seeks out, identifies and nurtures the gifts within each child with praise, encouragement, and expert guidance. Because when your child sees a winner in the mirror, success becomes the only acceptable goal.

  • Dream HIGHER
    [+] No student should be able to find his limit, but every student should be encouraged to search for it. Chyten’s instructors have inspired the natural curiosity of thousands, encouraging a passion for learning, fueling outstanding accomplishments.
  • If your child is serious about maximizing his or her scores, spending time with Chyten is an absolute must!
  • Sam got into DREXEL's Honors Program ‚Äď Five Year Master's ‚Äď
    with an $85,000 academic scholarship attached! We couldn't have done this without CHYTEN.
  • Mike got an 800 on the math! Stanford is still a stretch, but MIT seems assured!
  • Our daughter got a 720 in reading, 700 in Writing and 610 in Math. Her overall score of 2030.
    Which brings her up 450 points from where she started when she came to Chyten.
  • My son Eric got a B in Algebra after staring at an F before CHYTEN.
  • I am happy to report that Rick earned a 94 in Algebra for the first marking period ‚Äď
    from the low-80s before CHYTEN. He currently has a 100 average for the second marking period.


Dear Neighbors,

Summer activities: paid.  Beach vacation: booked.  Barbeque grill: cleaned and ready. Summer is certainly about fun relaxation for the entire family, but don't forget to feed your family's brain this July and August.  Over a decade of research has shown that summer "brain drain" is an actual phenomenon in children and teens, with students losing the equivalent of a month's worth of skills each year.  But the good news is that it's preventable.  Student of all ages can benefit from academic enrichment, learn valuable organizational skills, and prepare for school year success during the summer months.

Middle and elementary school students are perhaps the most at risk for summer learning loss.  Chyten of Millburn offers ESTEEM and Prelude camps specifically for these age groups that not only engage students in exciting projects, but allow them to practice and retain math and literacy skills.  Our acclaimed RANDD Reading and Study Skills program changes the way students approach studying and learning, giving them organization and confidence. Chyten offers Actual Conditions testing and top notch tutoring for ISEE, SSAT and COOP all summer long.  The test prep is offered as either a quick summer boot camp in a small group or individually scheduled to work around summer hours.

For high school students, summer is the perfect time to begin the college journey without the pressures and distractions of the academic year.  Your student can begin SAT or ACT classes, develop a college admissions checklist, and perfect a college essay, all under the guidance of an outstanding guidance counselor.  If some beefing up of the transcript is in order, consider enrolling in an AP course or credit recovery class.  Chyten's accredited courses are available in virtually every subject and level in both small group and individual settings with engaging Master's Degree level tutors.

There are a number of specialized services for families of students with IEPs to supplement the skills gained during the regular school year.  An Extended School Year (ESY) program is a unique six week extension of the school year that includes basics like reading and math as well as science and other popular topics.  Chyten offers ESY as well as Assessment and Evaluation services by licensed, certified professionals that are accepted by Child Study Teams.  Finally, summer is a low-pressure time for the non-traditional learner to begin gearing up for the college process.  Many of Chyten's SAT and ACT tutors have expertise coaching students with learning differences.

Chyten Premier Tutoring and Test Preparation of Millburn proudly serves the students of Livingston, Millburn, Short Hills, West Orange, Maplewood, South Orange, Summit, Chatham, Florham Park, Madison and other neighboring communities. Let us work together to place your child on the path to academic excellence and achievement. Call me and, together, let’s discuss how we can address your child’s unique challenges of today and the opportunities of tomorrow.  



Maureen McGovern, Owner
Chyten Premier Tutors and Test Preparation
Millburn, NJ